Bursting the Myths about Electric Vehicles

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May 13, 2022 | 166

Due to the first EVs' extremely high initial cost, limited battery range, slow speed, and minimal environmental concerns, the industry did not take off. But over the last decade, a universal interest in the electric vehicle manufacturing can be seen increasing among the manufacturers, government as well as customers.

Huge investments have been made in electric vehicles among which some have attracted unicorns also and many have been successfully launched, making the electric vehicles a successful project around the world.

But a large population still has some doubts regarding the acquisition of electric vehicles. So let us burst those myths about the future of transportation:-

  • Electric vehicles are uneconomical

FACT: Electric vehicles are more economical when you take fuel and maintenance costs. Given that electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and less wear and tear, the lower operation and maintenance expenses contribute to lower life-cycle costs.


  • It takes too long to charge

FACT: Over 90% of the time, cars are parked. During this downtime at home, you can plug in your automobile to charge it. Rapid and fast chargers are now available if you need to charge your device rapidly while travelling.


  • Electric vehicles are slow and have bad performance

FACT: Electric motors used to power electric vehicles produce torque instantaneously and without the use of gears. The electric cars move instantly from a standstill when you press the accelerator, making them better than diesel or petrol vehicles.


  • Battery chemicals are bad for the environment and cannot be recycled

FACT: Batteries in conventional cars are recycled in a whopping 91% of cases. Newer batteries include more precious metals, and recycling initiatives have already been created for them. Once they are no longer practical for use in vehicles, utilities intend to use batteries for energy storage.

   There always arises doubs and confusions when you adopt something ut of the ordinary and new. And this is a vehicle that we are talking about so your doubts are valid. But it is our responsibility to make your facts right and allow you to experience the wonders of an electric vehicle. With THUNDER EV you won’t be having any doubts because we have got it all covered from battery to affordability to design to sustainability. So get your hands on the all new THUNDER EV now and experience the thrill!