The Future is Electric

20 Jun, 2022 | 250

Electric vehicles have become a mainstream part of the collective consciousness of the automobile world in recent years as both technology and interest evolve, and the coming years will see many more EVs take to the roads. This exponential growth is being driven by various factors, including concerns for pollution.

Why should you opt for an EV?

18 May, 2022 | 243

There is misleading information swirling around EVs. To EV or not to EV is a continual debate. To name a few: the climate crisis that is an ever present and growing concern, the higher cost of EVs that is still an issue, and the whole ‘will I get stuck in the middle of nowhere if I can’t find a place to charge my car’ thing.

Bursting the Myths about Electric Vehicles

13 May, 2022 | 166

Due to the first EVs' extremely high initial cost, limited battery range, slow speed, and minimal environmental concerns, the industry did not take off. But over the last decade, a universal interest in the electric vehicle manufacturing can be seen increasing among the manufacturers, government as well as customers.