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It’s time to plug-in to the new road ahead with the all new Thunder EV!



It is specially designed to delight so that you go in style.


Aesthetically pleasing

It has got convenience at your tips and beauty as you please.



Carefully built to last and conquer. Zero emissions, zero trouble.



With Thunder, EVs are no longer suited for only the very rich.

About us

The power of future mobility

Thunder EV brings to you the change which the world needs: An electric vehicle with agility yet environment friendly. Thunder EV is a low cost, small footprint, emission free personal vehicle for short trips. Designed for easy intuitive use & improved stability. With light urban mobility becoming more popular, Thunder EV has it all from classy design to eco-friendly solutions.

"We are also coming up with Thunder EV (THEV) Token. The Thunder EV (THEV) Token is the principal digital money in the electric vehicle industry, sent off by the substance named Thunder EV."

We prioritize sustainability with a quality living which is why we bring to you the classy, stylish and emission free vehicle which in turn will bring about the future to you. Our company is constantly looking for opportunities to provide a better way of living to our fellow earth mates.

Our Mission

To foster great engineering, design and ingenuity while promoting environment and sustainable mobility through the Thunder ride.

Our Vision

To offer the best vehicles and solutions for personal mobility and being associated with active riding, uncompromised performance, quality, freedom and fun.


Expert team members


Trees saved with one Thunder EV


Profit invested in Reforestation

Faster, Further, Greener

It’s BETTER than good. It’s GREEN.

  • Easy intuitive use

  • Better stability

  • Turbo-charge battery
Our Team

We are a team of enthusiastic, goal-driven and visionary leaders who are focused on bringing change in the way people travel and contribute to the environment. We are committed to recruiting the best talent and ensuring that diversity and inclusion are part of every step.

Director & Founder

Mr.Maulik Patel

“Thunder EV is a start-up electric vehicle company mission to empower the world to drive clean."

Company Secretary

Mrs.Mausam Patel

“I am an experienced business professional who is passionate about the environment and wants to make the world a greener place.”


Mr.Rajesh Patel

“As the co-founder, I am aiming to leave an ecological footprint through the use of electric vehicles."

Project Head

Mr. Mihir Patel

“I'm the project head of Thunder EV, the world's first cryptocurrency in the electric vehicle industry.”

The Future is Electric

20 Jun, 2022 | 250

Electric vehicles have become a mainstream part of the collective consciousness of the automobile world in recent years as both technology and interest evolve, and the coming years will see many more EVs take to the roads. This exponential growth is being driven by various factors, including concerns for pollution.

Why should you opt for an EV?

18 May, 2022 | 243

There is misleading information swirling around EVs. To EV or not to EV is a continual debate. To name a few: the climate crisis that is an ever present and growing concern, the higher cost of EVs that is still an issue, and the whole ‘will I get stuck in the middle of nowhere if I can’t find a place to charge my car’ thing.


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